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After the long break for Christmas everyone here has been eager to get back to work.  This week the prior team has had the opportunity to meet four new team players Bruce and Nancy from Texas, and Dennis and Joanne from Canada.  What a delight it has been to see former volunteers meet up and share life together.

Bright and early Monday morning we continued with the work on Pearl’s home.  This is a new build which was started in October of 2021.  It is so exciting to see these homes come together.  On Monday we began the process of painting the entire home from top to bottom, inside and out.  The women have painted for four days while the men have continued some outside work. They also have worked on another new build here in Aransas Pass reinstalling a bathroom wall that the plumbers removed in order to place the shower.

On Tuesday Pearl (the homeowner) was able to drop in for a short visit.  She shared with the group that her original home had been on this site prior to Hurricane Harvey.  It was totally destroyed and sine that time she has been living with her daughter in Corpus Christi.  As she walked from room to room she was in awe of what she was seeing. Rita ask her “do you like it,” she said “girl like it I love it, like is not even the word,” as she threw her hands up in the air.  She is planning to come back and visit as the work continues.  Today is a beautiful day to resume the outside painting on Pearl’s home a light gray that she was able to pick out.

We are soon hoping to get back to Sues house as well.  We started work in December and have been waiting on a new roof.  That work was completed last week and now we can go in and finish up on repairs.

Some days we come home very exhausted but as the new day breaks our hearts and bodies are refreshed and God gives continuous strength for the task at hand.  


Coastal Bend RV Team:  Duane and Jean, David and Karen, Ken and Rita, Bruce and Nancy, Dennis and Joanne   

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