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The area of Vermont in which MDS is working is very beautiful and scenic.  It is one of 4 states to ban billboards so as you travel the state there are no elevated signs blocking your view.

Now to the week of June 10. We had another group of 14 energetic young people from around the Ephrata, PA area along with their driver.  Also, Doug Brake came from WV as a weekly volunteer.  Doug served as a crew leader for several days.

Jack’s crew spent all week at Monica’s, framing, drywalling, and mudding drywall.

Eric’s crew spent all week at Maurice’s drywalling, trim work, shelving, and installing flood board.  One of the challenges is how to mitigate damage the next time it floods.  Eric came up with a flood board design that is reasonable in cost and blends in with the rest of the wall after adding trim. Leon’s crew worked at Tom’s finishing drywall and painting.  His crew also installed a sump pump, another flood mitigating component, at Judith’s. Leon’s crews worked some jobs at base camp as well.  Dan (Monday) and Doug’s crews worked primarily at John’s residence insulating a basement, installing shelving, repairing some electrical connections, and enclosing an open basement stairwell.  Doug’s crew also worked around the base camp building steps and a landing for the laundry room at the end of the shower trailer. Doug’s crew wrapped up the week at Chris’s place starting a French drain installation, cutting through concrete to install a sump pump, and after installing the pump, ran electrical connections.

The highlight of the week was having Charles (Numa) and his wife Georgena for the Wednesday evening meal.  Before the meal Numa entertained us by playing classical music on a very out-of-tune piano in the dining area.  Numa is a quite accomplished pianist.  Numa and Georgena shared how after fleeing the flood and then returning, Numa mentally shut down when he saw their home and although he had improved since then he still had trouble making decisions.  He shared how Eric gained his trust in just a couple of days.  Eric had shared earlier with the long-term group how it took patience and persistence to gain that trust with Numa.

Next week there will be a few new jobs that we will start as the ones from this week finish up.  Dan will be working with Hope Coalition to sign up some more jobs.

Respectfully submitted by Roland Stutzman for the team of Dan, Leon, Eric,

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