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n early March devastating wildfires struck parts of Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma killing several people and destroying thousands of acres of land.

As acres and acres burned many cattle and other livestock were killed and miles of fencing was destroyed in the process. Many homes, building structures, and farm equipment were also lost due to the wildfire.

MDS along with so many others are helping to bring some hope to the lives that have been changed forever.

The Oklahoma Unit is coordinating and delivering hay to ranchers in the Woodward area.

The Kansas unit has rounded up volunteers for the past two Saturdays, working in the Ashland area (Clark County) and Hutchinson area (Reno County).

Wayne and Carole Stucky, region 3 co-chairs were in Ashland, KS, on Saturday, March 25 to see how recovery work begins in a situation like this with the Kansas Unit.  Jordan Miller the Kansas unit chair contacted his unit early in the week to coordinate recovery efforts. He organized and got everything together from tools, a tool trailer, tracked skid steers, A/UTV’s, food, drinks and transportation to the site location.

Almost 30 volunteers showed up on Saturday morning to help with the recovery efforts. They came from Hesston, Newton, Hutchinson, and nearby Protection. Men and women furiously cut and rolled barbed wire, pulled, and collected burned posts.

By the end of the day, a fence of many miles was completely gone. Posts were neatly stacked, rolled barbed wire gathered, and an outbuilding was buried.

In our short visit, we witnessed the arrival of many semi-trailer loads of hay and fencing materials– gifts from neighbors from Iowa and Illinois. There was evidence of new growth in some fields, with green poking through what was left of any charred ground covers. We became aware of how the local supporting leaders have been dealing with their own losses while trying to coordinate the assistance for their neighbors.

We pray that God will give them strength and hope. We pray that MDS and others can be open to how God wants us to continue response.

Thank you, Kansas and Oklahoma Units, for your willingness to use your hands & feet (and equipment) in the in Ashland, Hutchinson, & Woodward areas.

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