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A man sprays off concrete to clean up the dirt left by flood water.A man sprays off concrete to clean up the dirt left by flood water.

Disaster Date:10/29/2021

Crisfield, MD


What Happened

October 29, 2021 a significant flooding event happened along the eastern shores of Maryland in Somerset and Dorchester Counties. It impacted the Crisfield and Cambridge areas of the State. The reason for the flood was high tide, full moon and windy conditions all at the same time. According to some local people in Crisfield this event was more damaging than Hurricane Sandy in 2012. MDS’s response after Sandy was many home repair jobs and over 25 new homes in Crisfield area.

Volunteer in Crisfield, MD

What MDS Is Doing

Region 1 is taking the lead on this response and is asking for weekly volunteers, project leaders, crew leaders and cooks. MDS volunteers will focus primarily on new home construction. Nearby Amish communities will take the lead on framing. Additional volunteers will complete the interior along with exterior trim and painting.


Crisfield is located in Somerset County, Maryland located on the Tangier Sound, an arm of the Chesapeake Bay. Population is around 2,500. It is the southernmost incorporated city in Maryland. It’s about a three-hour drive south of Baltimore and about an hour to the southwest of Ocean City, MD. The local American Legion is providing overnight accommodations for volunteers. In addition, there is also a FEMA trailer available.

Weekly Reports

Crisfield, MD – March 26 – April 1, 2023

Six men from Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, three men and one woman from Waynesboro, Virginia area, two men from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania and one from Delta, Pennsylvania comprised the team of volunteers this week. With all that manpower, a huge...

Crisfield, MD – March 19-25, 2023

Two men from Pennsylvania, seven young ladies from Missouri and one teenage lad from New York arrived in Crisfield Sunday evening. Crew leader Maynard Hostetter from Maryland also joined the long-term team since David Norris from New York completed...

Crisfield, MD – March 12-18, 2023

An amazing group of 13 eleventh and twelfth graders from Ephrata Mennonite School in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, along with three chaperones, arrived Sunday afternoon. These young people exemplified the spirit of Christ while here in Crisfield. Their...

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