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Oh, what a week it has been in SW Louisiana!!!!
We are still working on Brandalyn’s house in Elton.  We finished the drywall in the kitchen, drywalled the ceiling in the bath and framed and insulated for the tub enclosure.  We installed cement tile siding around the outside windows, painted hardy board siding and removed the old siding from the front and rear of the house.  We insulated in the attic, painted the front porch and the new cement siding.  We starting painting on the inside of the house and started installing the new hardy board siding.  We painted the front and rear porch and the facia.  We removed the broken (and dangerous) concrete steps to the back door and started painting in the living room.  Whew, it was a busy week, BUT the highlight of the week was having 5 Amish girls from Indiana and one young lady from Ohio join and help us for most of the week.  They are working with the traditional project in Jennings and we were blessed to have them come over and work with us.  They worked hard and their giggles were music to our ears!!!  Thank you, Rhonda, Fanita, Deborah, Cheryl, Darinda and Hannah for your willingness to help.
On Friday, we had our traditional breakfast out and headed to New Ibera to visit the Tabasco making factory there.  It was a fun and interesting adventure and we all learned a lot about the many varieties of Tabasco.
Sunday, we visited the Presbyterian Church here in Welsh and then went to the Baptist Church here also.  Steve and Pam Haskin (former MDS RVers) are in the area working with Disaster Aid of Ohio in Lake Charles and were bringing the special music at the Baptist Church.
It has been a wonderful week and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us this coming week,
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, David and Karen

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