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It has been another good week in Wesh.  We were able to get a lot of work done for our clients and enjoy ourselves as well!!!
In Veronica’s house we painted the new cabinets, installed a different door on the back of the house and hung the new cabinets in the backroom.  Things at Jacob’s house are starting to wind down, but a lot of work was done this week to get to that point.  We continued to lay floor in the kitchen and laundry room, installed HVAC return filter housing, and install baseboard and casement.  We installed the range hood vent into the attic, painted and trimmed the bathroom cabinets and painted and finished install the Hardy Board.  We installed the doorbell, hung HVAC ceiling vents, and finished painting on the outside.  We cleaned windows, finished the flooring and installed the last door into the laundry room.  We installed drawer and door hardware in the kitchen, hung doors on the bathroom vanities, and hooked up he sinks and drains in the bathrooms.  We installed mirror in the bathrooms and caulked and touched up all the trim…..whew!!!!
We started a new project here in Welsh at Christopher’s house.  We replaced the ceiling tiles in the front room and the bathrooms, replaced the outside beams and repaired the framing on the back of the house.   We continued to repair framing all around the house because of termite damage, replaced ceiling tiles in the bedroom, painted the bathrooms and bedrooms and hung 5 new windows outside.
We had good fellowship at our weekly breakfast on Friday morning.  On Sunday we went to the local Presbyterian Church and then on the way to lunch they were selling Louisiana strawberries on the corner…..so we had to stop!!!  Duane and Jean treated us to strawberry shortcake on Sunday night.  There were games and it was great to spend time together since the time changed and it was not dark so early.
We are starting to think about winding down our project and heading home.  It has been a great experience and the people of Louisiana have been very welcoming and hospitable.
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, David and Karen, Jim and Linda, Lee and Kathy and Sieg and Elenore

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