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It was another up and down week in Louisiana for weather.  I am convinced that Mother Nature is very confused!!!
I think we are just about finished at Jacob’s house.  We installed counter tops, installed the kitchen sink, and built walls for the counter.  We install the plumbing for the sink, installed the stove and the rest of the cabinet doors.  We painted the side walls and ends of the cabinets.  The finish line is getting really close!!!!
At Christopher’s house we insulated the walls, put plywood on the outside of the east side and framed up an enclosure for the water heater.  We install crown trim and painted the living room.  We removed ceiling tiles in the center bathroom, and installed ceiling tile in the living room and a bedroom.  We put the cover in the water heater enclosure and made a door for it.  We replaced the main beam on the outside in the front of the house and under the carport.  We installed hardy board on the North side of the house and replaced paneling in the center bedroom.  We replaced the ceiling tiles in the front bedroom and painted the room.  We replaced the windows on the south side of the house, installed the chimney for the water heater enclosure and shingled the roof for it.  We installed crown molding in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bath.  This project is coming along nicely and when we are done Christopher will have a home which will be much more safe and secure than when we started.
On Thursday we had a great pot luck and spent some time getting to know each other better with our “question of the night”.  On Friday morning we went to breakfast together and Saturday night we had a great time going to DI’s as a group.  This is a popular local restaurant with good food and Cajun music.  It was good to laugh and relax together after a busy week.
We are winding time for our time here in Louisiana.  We have helped a lot of people in the area, but there will be projects left undone.  I guess maybe that is “job security.  We will miss our MDS family and know we will meet up again somewhere down the road.
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Roxanna and Joe, Jim and Linda, Sieg and Elenore, and Lee and Kathy

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