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Greetings from finally sunny SW Lousiania!!  We had quite a bit of rain again last week, but have had a couple of sunny days before the next round of rain.  It gets pretty muddy down here!!
This week we put up the lights and fans at Kenisha’s house and finished up there.  We worked most of the week at Jacob’s house in Iowa.  We were privliged to have some of the traditional group from Kansas work with us this last week.  It was a fun group and it made the week go faster.  We mudded and taped a lot this week.  We repaired and moved wiring.  Removed drywall from the hallway bath and installed new drywall there.  We put blocking in the kitchen, changed the cabinet soffit and put valves in to move the water supply for an ice maker.  We installed tubs and surrounds in two bathrooms and installed new tub valves.  We hung drywall in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, hallway and utility and taped, mudded and sanded some more!!!
Friday we said “see you next time” to Rod and Kathy Snider and Dan and Judy Rosenberger, then we welcomed Jim and Linda Showalter and Lynn and Darlene Miller.  They join us from Indiana and Colorado.  On Saturday some of us went to the Mardi Gras parade here in Welsh.  It was a fun and new experience for us.  Saturday evening some of us went to an indoor rodeo in Lake Charles.  It was a good and enjoyable time.  On Sunday we attended the Church of Christ in Jennings.  Pastor Roy was out of town and had asked one of our own to speak.  Traditional (and RV) MDS volunteer, Doug Goertzen spoke and did a great job.
We are enjoying the sun while it is here and waiting for the next rain.
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Steve and Pam, Joe and Roxanna, Jim and Linda, Lynn and Darlene

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