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Well, it has been another busy week here is Welsh!
In addition to all of our MDS projects, there are days that we feel we need to start building the Ark down here.  It has been quite rainy and stormy down here this week.  Tuesday night we had severe storm warnings, tornado watches in the area, high wind warnings and flood warnings.  Additionally, we lost electricity for a short time and there was a water main break in town, so we had to boil water for awhile, but in the end, God kept us safe!!!!
We finished up at Joyce’s house and had a House Blessing at her home.  We will greatly miss our time at her house and I am sure we will continue to touch base with her while we are still down here!  We put a roof on the outside porch at Pastor Jerry’s house.  At Kenisha’s house we finished mudding and painting the walls and the ceiling in her living room and kitchen.  At Veronica’s house in Jennings we removed the plywood off of the walls, ceiling and floor in her laundry room. Rebuilt the floor joists and replaced the sub-floor.  We put valves in the water lines to get ready to replumb it.  At Jacob’s house in Iowa, we first had to put down plywood scraps to make a walk path in the vey muddy yard. We removed some walls and built temporary walls to support rafters in the ceiling.  We installed a center beam and built a knee wall in the attic to support the roof.  We set screws in some previously installed drywall, and pulled off some sheetrock in a bedroom, insulated behind it and put it back up.  We repaired wiring to switches and lights, mudded screws in the drywall, installed beams in the living room and took out the temporary wall.
On Friday we met up with the MDS group from Grand Isle at the Tabasco Factory in Avery Island and enjoyed catching up with new friends and old friends.  We had MDS friends that several have worked with, stop by and spend the weekend on their way to work at the McAllen project.
We have two couples leaving us this coming weekend and two more coming in.  We will say “until next time” and “welcome” on Friday.
Awaiting the next adventure,
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Pam and Steve, Joe and Roxanne, Rod and Kathy and Dan and Judy

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