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The weather in Welsh, Louisiana this January has been all over the “map”.  First week – unseasonably mild and moderate rain. Second week unseasonably frigid – even chilled us hardy Canadians.  Our RV’s were shivering in fear.  Third week – “rain, rain go away (please).  Discussions were had about diverting our construction to the building of an ark.  . Next week looks better – dry and a bit cool (but not cold).
In spite of all the liquid sunshine, good progress was made at the two construction sites.  Both sites were protected from attack by substantial moats around the buildings (see photo). All the drywall mudding and sanding was completed on one site allowing the subsequent priming of all the walls.  At the second site the tedious job of drywall hanging on the ceiling and walls of some small rooms and many closets was pursued.
On Monday of this week, we joined the Jennings traditional project team for breakfast in preparation for a visit from dignitaries of MDS, FEMA and other support agencies that help make all this wonderful work possible.  I will not elaborate on this as I suspect that it will be reported on in fuller detail in some other MDS report.  The two best parts of the event were (1) the awesome breakfast (worth getting up extra early to get the Jennings on time and (2) meeting some of the home-owners (to-be) who were also invited to meet the tour entourage (see photo).
On Thursday night we had our first pot-luck supper. Awesome food and great company.  Our group this month has chosen to have Friday morning breakfasts instead Thursday pot-lucks because Jennings Christ Church provides a delicious Wednesday night meal to both MDS teams.  During out Wednesday night meal at Christ Church, we took a group photo (attached).
On Friday afternoon, the entire team drove to Henderson, LA to take the McGee’s swamp boat tour.   I highly recommend the tour  –  the skipper “skip” provided very interesting and informative (and also almost non-stop) commentary of the local swamp, landforms, and wildlife in the area.  Unfortunately, it was too early in the season to see the gators as they brumate (hibernate) this time of year. Alas, it was still a great tour.  I will attach a couple of photos.
On Saturday afternoon Welsh, LA had their Mardi Gras parade.  A huge traditional event to this and many other neighboring communities.  Most of us, staked pot good viewing posts along the route to watch all the fanfare.  With the wisdom that come with our age – we chose the set up in front of the local Kabota dealer so we could make use of the comfortable seats on the display machinery.
Wayne for Duane, Jean, Nancy, Tye, Vernon, Mary, Wayne, Valerie, Michael, Twila, Kenneth and Rita

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