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Our six couples had a very interesting week weather wise.  During the first week of January, we enjoyed very mild temperatures.  We were lulled into complacency – then came the payback.  The Welsh area subsequently experienced bitter cold.  Extreme measures had to be taken to prevent our water lines from freezing and exposed plumbing from being damaged.  One volunteer (me) could have been seen – if you were foolish enough to be up at that gastly hour – ourside his RV – in his PJ’s  – unfreezing his water hose.  The hot words I was thinking would not have been enough to melt the ice.
On a happier note, the team made significant progress on mudding and sanding the walls in the Nixon home and the beginning of hardie-board siding on the Scott home.
A local church – Christ Church of Jennings – has continued their most generous offer of providing a Wednesday evening meal for the Welsh RV team and the Jennings traditional team.  The food is wonderful – some of us are now experiencing Cajun food for the first time.
Wayne for Duane, Jean, Ken, Rita, Michael, Twila, Tye, Nancy, Vernon, Mary and Valerie

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