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Happy Monday from SW Louisiana!
I think our team is on the upswing from the “Louisiana crud” that has run through our team!  It has played havoc with us for the last week or so.
We continue to work on Veronica’s house in Jennings.  We replaced the floor joist and the sub floor and changed the plumbing for the water heater.  We installed water lines for the washing machine and the corner shower and installed drain pipe for the washer and shower.  We installed an exhaust fan and changed the wiring to fit and installed a new corner shower kit.
At Jacob’s house in Iowa we mudded and taped drywall and installed drywall in the bathrooms.  We installed metal corner trim and fabricated window boxes.  We replaced windows, repaired wiring in the bathrooms, and wire a GFI plug correctly.  We also primed 3 of the bedrooms.
It is Mardi Gras season here in Louisiana and this has been a major eye opener to most of us.  It is definitely a way of life down here.
We have attended a couple of Mardi Gras parades down here and that has been an experience.  It has been a weekend of visitors for us!!
Ken and Rita Wolf, who are volunteering with MDS in Grand Isle, came and visited us for the weekend.  Many of us have worked with them before and it was great to catch up.  We experienced our first seafood boil on Friday night and had a great time.  Jim and Linda Showalter have had family here from Canada who are doing a US road trip with their kids.  It has been joy to have them with us for a couple of days.  Thanks to Jim we had a Super Bowl party in the office trailer and it was a great game.
Looking forward to a productive week,
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Steve and Pam, Jim and Linda and Lynn and Darlene, Joe and Roxanna

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