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We have had generally good working weather – not nearly as much rain so that most days we can have inside and outside groups at each site.  Some mornings are cool but not the cold we previously experienced.

Many of us have done several jobs over the past two weeks but I will try to focus on each of our primary tasks.

–        Vern helped with flooring and cabinet installation but his forte is ceiling mudding.  Vern is a tall man but when he is walking around on his drywall stilts, I am reminded of some of the transformer characters our grandchildren like (see photo).  He is also our unofficial photographer though he does not resemble Alan Funt at all.

–        Wayne and Ken spent most of their time hanging drywall.  Wayne stays back one day a week to complete the financial and administrative tasks required of the Office Manager.

–        Val was bouncing around doing flooring, mudding, caulking and screwing on drywall

–        Duane, as Project Director, while trying to herd us “cats” still obtained supplies and helped with flooring and mudding of the wall above the tub.

–        Lynn and Michael were our go to guys for the hardie-board siding (see photo). They are awesome at cutting holes precisely in the exact location on the deck hardie board ceiling, as well as the siding where the hydro line is located and the outside light at the side door.

–        Jim had a great challenge with finishing the electrical wiring that was roughed in by previous volunteers

–        Twila wanted to be busy doing several tasks to learn new skills -flooring and sanding and screwing drywall(see photo).  She likes to be the “Queen of Clean” – to tidy up some of the mess Ken and I make with hanging drywall, as well at keeping the floor swept and the dust from tracking to other locations.

–        Pam is our resident drywall mudder – she requested this task right from the get go – and quickly demonstrated great proficiency and a talent to teach others.

–        Steve focused on the detail work of flooring, cabinets, hanging doors and starting with baseboards.

–        Jean, Linda, Rita and Darlene were painting and caulking up a storm for most of the two weeks


The house on Garage  Alley is nearing completion on the inside but the outside siding and painting has just begun. The house on Penny street is nearing completion on the outside but has much to finish on the inside.  We had the privilege of attending a house dedication for a house that was completed by the Jennings traditional group(see photo). An awesome lunch was served.  Over 250 volunteers had some involvement over the life of that project.

 Wayne Papple

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