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It was a good week in Welsh!
We started the week with a House Blessing at the home of Pastor Jerry and Phyllis.  It was a great blessing to be able to make this house more livable for this couple.  At Veronica’s house in Jennings, we sanded down the drywall, caulked around the tub and primed the drywall.  We put a couple of coats of paint on the back room.  At Jacob’s house in Iowa, we finished the drywall, primed and painted the kitchen and living room and started to install flooring in the bedrooms.  We painted the bathrooms and the utility room and installed a new outside door to the carport area.  We caulked seams in the carport ceiling, hung 3 new outside doors and started hanging bedroom doors.  We installed flooring in the hallways and fabricated a new counter for the Master Bath.  It is coming along very nicely and starting to look very different from what it did when we first arrived.
Lee and Kathy Greagory joined us on Thursday from Canada for the month of March and brought along friends to visit with us for the evening. Harvey and Judy stopped to see Lynn and Darlene and went to the job site with us on Thursday.  For our weekly Pot Luck we went to the Fire Hut here in the Park since we had new people come in and had guests visiting.  It was much roomier than our Office Trailer.  Sunday, we attended Church at the Church of Christ in Jenning where the traditional group is housed and had lunch in Lake Arthur.  It is starting to warm up here and “maybe” the rainy season is over.  It is still humid and a whole different type of climate than any of us are used to.  Lynn and Darlene and Steve and Pam will be leaving us this week, so we will say “until next time”!!!!
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Pam and Steve, Joe and Roxanna, Jim and Linda, Lynn and Darlene and Kathy and Lee

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