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Greetings from currently sunny and humid SW Louisiana. This week we worked on the electricity and painted the final coat on the ceiling at Kenisha’s house.  We trimmed the inside of the repaired wall, put up guttering, replaced a closet shelf bracket and replaced a few outlet covers at Pastor Jerry’s house.  These two jobs are now complete and they can have nice updated, comfortable homes.  At Veronica’s house in Jennings, we repaired roof rafters, installed insulation and hung drywall in the ceiling.  We hung drywall on the wall in the bedroom, taped the drywall and finished the shower.  Removed and trimmed the bottom of the bedroom door.  We realigned the door to fit the frame and installed a kick-plate so the door will latch.  At Jacob’s house in Iowa we mudded. taped, sanded and primed some of the walls.  We caulked and painted the window frames and painted some of the bedrooms.  We scraped the floor for new flooring that will be installed next week.
On Valentine’s Day, Joyce, one of our former clients in Jennings, had all of us over for dinner.  It was great food and just as we were about to eat the electricity went out!!!!  We had unplanned ambience for our Valentine’s Day dinner.   On Thursday night we went to a prayer service designed to thank the area volunteers at the Methodist Church in Lake Charles that houses the Disaster Aid of Ohio group.  We also went back to that church for Sunday service to here Braylon Harris the coordinator for SWLA Respond Coalition speak and then enjoyed lunch with the church from Jennings.
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Roxanna and Joe, Steve and Pam, Jim and Linda, Lynn and Darlene

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