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This week in Welsh was full of a lot of ups and downs!!!!  On Monday and Tuesday , we finished the floor in the utility room, set and cleaned the toilet, ran the water lines under the house and installed new plumbing under the house.  We painted the front two bedrooms, painted the front door trim, installed flooring in the front two bedrooms and painted bedroom doors.  We also ran wiring to the dryer.
On Monday we decided we wanted to have a House Blessing for Brandilyn even though we were not quite done.  We will be ending our term here on December 16 and wanted to bless this house as a group while we were still together.  We set a time with Brandiyn for Wednesday at 3:00.  Well, that set the busy bees of our group on fire.  We worked hard and together to get things finished up, the house cleaned up and put back together.  Dave and Karen did not work with us on Wednesday and Thursday as they had much to do to get ready for their trip back to Canada.  When Karen came into the house on Wednesday afternoon for the blessing she kept saying “how did you do this?”.  It was a fun time!!!  So, Wednesday at 3:00 we had some members of the MDS family in Lititz, members of the traditional group in Jennings and our group…..but no Brandilyn!!!!  While checking into this we discovered that Brandilyn was in the hospital!!!  We proceeded to ask God’s blessing on her health and enjoyed visiting with our MDS friends.  Phil Helmuth from MDS went to see her in the hospital and gave her the Bible we had all signed.  At this point she is still in the hospital, but we hope to have a blessing for her in the future.  Thursday, we finished up some details at the house and enjoyed our weekly potluck at the pavilion here in the park.  Karen and Dave left us on Wednesday afternoon and Duane and Jean left on Friday morning early and we said our “see you next times” through wet eyes and emotional feelings.
Sunday, we went to church and lunch together and continued to enjoy each other’s company.  Sunday night we played some corn-hole and visited outside for awhile, (until the mosquitos tried to carry us away).  We begin our last week of this session with anticipation and dread.  Anticipation for the new project we are starting and the dread of not working together.  Someone said the other day, “I don’t know how many times I can say good-bye”.  I thank God for this team and look forward to the “next time” we can serve together.  
Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Dave and Karen, Paul and Sarah, Andy and Dan, Ken and Suetta

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