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Long-term volunteers this week include Jack Odhiambo, Inko Ndlovu-Mathuthu, Eric Douglas and Janis Ott, the four year-long volunteers; David King, crew leader; Lois Wenger, head cook; Don and Rachel Horst, project director and office manager.  Our team of 8 was perfect for shutting down the project for the winter.

A completely new front porch, new railing and steps for the back porch was built at Shelda’s house.  The team finished hanging, caulking, and painting the siding as well as trimming out the last of the windows.  Work which included the last of the trim work on the windows at Polly’s house was completed.

Highlights this week included having Floyd “Buck” Jourdain, who teaches at the Red Lake Nation College, share about the Ojibwe nation and culture, including leading us in a fun circle dance.  Then there was a tour of the Red Lake Fishery, a trip to see the buffalo at the Red Lake Farms and the Friday celebration of Oshkiimaajitahdah (new beginnings), a thank you to all the volunteers who had a part in bringing hope to the families who have lived 2 yrs in damaged houses.

After all the celebrations, one realizes once again the importance of community and the joy of reaching out in support of each other.  Those who have shared their gifts of time and talent have a better understanding of the Red Lake Nation and have certainly been blessed by being here.

Rachel Horst for the Red Lake team.

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