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This past week in Red Lake was different than most in that we only had long-term volunteers.  Some stayed in the volunteer center and others continued to stay at the casino hotel.  The crew leaders and construction supervisor put in long days braving swarms of mosquitoes and the usual supply of ticks at Claudia’s house.  Some of the crew painted siding and others installed it on her house.  As an extra they also built new steps for her house.  Our two cooks came for one week and energetically prepared delicious meals and continued to organize the kitchen.  We said good-bye to the cooks and Jonas Schmidt, the year-long MDS volunteer from Germany.

We laughed most evenings as an unnamed volunteer entertained us as he belted out songs while he was in the shower.  It’s always good to laugh together.

We have had confirmation from several people from the nation that roof replacement will begin Monday or Tuesday.  (The age-old question is which Tuesday.)  But considering we have word from several persons gives renewed hope that the project will begin soon!

Many of the volunteers have taken an excursion to Lake Itasca, about an hour from here, which is the headwater for the Mississippi River.  It’s 18 feet wide and knee deep at its beginnings.  It takes a drop of water three months to reach the Gulf of Mexico from Lake Itasca.  No wonder it’s called the mighty Mississippi—pretty amazing!

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