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This week we were joined by 16 volunteers from Canada which gave us enough volunteers to fill 3 crews.  They came with 3 musicians, their guitars and some real good singers.  Evening activities were high energy with the 5 youth that came with the group.  In addition to working at our clients’ house, they helped make improvements to the volunteer center.  On Wednesday, Eugene Standing Cloud of the Red Lake Nation joined us for dinner and spoke to us about life on the reservation.  There was a lot of interest and after his presentation, the Canadians peppered him with questions!

Work on the volunteer center HVAC system continued this week and we are near the point where the ceiling and the lights can be installed.  Field work consists of removing damaged siding, wrapping, installing new siding and windows, caulking and painting.  Since the project started, 6 jobs have been completed and 7 are still being worked on.

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