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Jack Odhiambo and Inko Ndlovu-Mathuthu, yearlong volunteers, arrived Wed. evening joining  two more yearlong volunteers, Eric Douglas and Janis Ott, who came on Sunday.  David King, serving as a crew leader; Mim and Leo Martin, serving as assistant cook and crew leader as well as Don and Rachel Horst, serving as Project Director and Office Manager, all arrived as scheduled.  Lois Wenger, serving as our head cook, however, arrived a day late due to delayed flight connections.  Our weekly volunteers were from Minneapolis, MN, Fresno, CA, Freeman, SD and Greta, MB, bringing our total of volunteers to 16.

Our week began with painting and installing the siding at Janet’s house.  Old siding was removed, and house wrap applied at Gloria’s.  Her windows arrived early, so we were able to install them and continue painting and installing the new siding.   The installation of windows at Margo’s house was not without its challenges, but progress was made there.

A highlight this week was having clear skies on Wed, allowing us to observe the Super Blue Moon and then gathering outdoors for our morning devotions on Thurs., where we could greet “the day the Lord has made”, a special treat since there are no windows in our building!  Saturday, we loaded up the van and headed to the Labor Day Pow Wow at Ponemah, MN.  It was very interesting watching many generations participate in the celebration.

Next week we will continue hanging and painting siding on Gloria’s house, painting and installing siding on Margo’s house as well as replacing siding on Leogene’s house.

It’s always delightful to see team members, who come from so many different places and with differing levels of experience, have a productive and memorable week together.  That’s the beauty of serving others in the name of Christ.

Rachel Horst for the Red Lake team.

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