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This week our six long-term volunteers were joined by two more long termers, and a group of seventeen came for the week.

On Breanna’s house, volunteers worked on the roof.  Two bedrooms were taped, mudded, and painted.  Flooring was installed in one bedroom and the living room.  The attic insulation got blown in.

For Gerald’s house, the parts of the cabinet order arrived—but without instructions.  Assembly was somewhat challenging, but our volunteers are resourceful. By the end of the week they had them installed and door handles on!  Now we await the arrival of the missing cabinets.

Cyrstal’s house: We drywalled a bedroom ceiling and started taping/mudding.

Jerri: Started with priming walls in two bedrooms, stairway and one room on main floor and finished with a topcoat. Trim boards installed, as were ceiling tiles in the kitchen. The bathroom upstairs was gutted and partly redone with new drywall. The attic insulation was blown in.

Nancy: Porch drywall was mudded a few mornings enroute to another site.

Mary: Metal roofing and flashing installed to completion.

Amanda: A window was removed, and a new one installed with some reframing before completion. Subflooring was installed and started installing drywall.

Edward/Joe: Mostly mudded.

Heather: In three rooms the ceilings were mostly gutted.

Doug and Johanna: Attic insulation was blown in at both houses.

The homeowners are grateful for the help of MDS volunteers and often provide coffee goodies and occasionally full meals for the crew at their house.

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