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As happens on the weekend, we said goodbye to one crew and hello to another crew. This weekend 11 left on the 17th and 11 new crew members arrived for a total of 18 volunteers this week.

Breanna’s house: The holes in bathroom and pantry ceilings were closed with drywall, then taped and a few layers of compound mud applied over the week. Baseboard joints were caulked.  The electrical boxes/outlets were readjusted to allow for plates to be installed. Hope to finish here next week.

Jessica’s house: Job card completed and signed off on June 19, 2023.

Gerald’s house:  The last of the cabinet pieces finally arrived and were assembled and installed.

Crystal’s house:  Compound mud was applied in layers till it was time to sand.  Then after sanding was completed, the primer paint was applied.

Jerri’s house:  The upstairs bathroom toilet was fixed, sub flooring installed, and we got a start on installing flooring in bathroom.  Work is still being done with the mudding.

Nancy’s house:  Painting in the porch was completed, the subfloor installed and installation of click laminate flooring completed.  Some trim work was done but not completed.

Amanda’s house:  Drywall installed around bathtub.  Washed some very dirty walls and finished the taping and mudding. Started painting with primer paint.

Anita’s house:  A bedroom and living room ceiling were mudded, primed, and painted. Trim installed around window.

Edward/Joe’s house: This job is finished except an upstairs window will be replaced when we have the proper equipment.

Heather’s house: Hanging drywall is complete and taping and mudding has begun.

We have seen a fair amount of rain in the last 4 weeks, but we felt wonderfully blessed with four days of sunshine in a row this week. (A record?)  Our crews even enjoyed eating their lunch at the seaside some days this week!

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