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Our week started off with a bit of a challenge. We had three women from Ontario fly to Halifax and three young men, also from Ontario, drive to Cape Breton. The women arrived as planned, but the young men’s cars broke down about two hours from camp. Someone from camp went and rescued them and brought them to camp.

On Monday we faced our biggest challenge—a steep 12/12 pitched roof. Nobody had experience with that except the crew leader.  But the roof got onto the house, even if it was a rather slow process.

Another crew put up an acoustic and vapor barrier. Their challenge was to see who could get the least amount of black goop on themselves!

At job number three, the crew leader plus one volunteer installed three windows, finished up some drywall and did a couple other small jobs to make the job complete.

On Friday we ended the day of work early so everyone could attend our first home dedication in Cape Breton. This was important as a team, but especially important to Gordon as he had been the lead for this home. Our afternoon started with a nice snack, brought by our team. The program consisted of introductions of everyone from MDS, a description of our interactions with the homeowner and the work that was done, and then a response by the homeowner. The Love in Action, the book about MDS service in Canada, a Bible and wall hanging were presented to the homeowner. That was followed by signing off in the job card and a dedication prayer for the home.

When the week was over, all our volunteers carpooled back to Halifax, everyone got on the right flights, and everyone made it home.

Sometimes in life we need to be so flexible, especially when we are being stretched with obstacles that force us to slow down. How do handle these setbacks? Do we take them in stride, do we look to the future and say how can prevent that for next time?

May we never lose focus of our purpose: How we Respond to situations on the field or with our fellow volunteers; how we Rebuild for homeowners; and how we Restore hope for everyone, homeowners and volunteers alike as we grow and serve together.

Elvira Wiebe, Office Manager

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