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This week our devotions focused on Good Friday. The sacrifice made, the gift that is ours, how will we accept this gift and represent the gift to those we encounter both homeowners and other volunteers. It truly was a Holy Week as we focused each morning on the cross.

For the week, we were a team of 16 volunteers on Monday, then down to 13 for the remainder part of the week. The volunteers were: Royce Boskers, Roman Heuft  (Cape Breton Response Coordinator), John Hildebrandt, Gordon Martens, Maria Martens, Marlene Opdendries, Richard Opdendries, Don Plett, Joel Sawatsky, Caleb Weber, Salema Weber, Philip Wiebe and Elvira Wiebe (Office Manager).

The week was productive as we almost completed a roof and home repairs for Roselyn.  Roselyn’s mother blessed us with a very touching letter of gratitude. This letter was shared by Roman to the rest of the team. This is why we do what we do!

At another location we completed the insulation of a home and did spray foam insulation on another home. The teams were small, but the work was productive.

Roman spent time continuing to connect with homeowners; who needs our help? How can we be effective?

Good Friday we enjoyed a church service together. The afternoon was spent at camp working on some small projects, putting up drywall and enclosing the office space. (This was done to retain some heat in our workspace.) Today, as I write my report, I realize what a difference the wall makes!

Elvira Wiebe

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