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Things are going well for the Cape Breton project, with repairs completed or soon to be finished for 26 homes. Ten of those homes have had major roofs repairs.

On three of these homes. we raised the 1/12 roof pitch to 4/12 by using scissor trusses to go right over the existing roof without having to remove the existing roof. (See picture above.) Currently, we have trusses available for three more of these structural roof changes.

We are looking for qualified carpenters to help get this work done over the next couple of months.

We also have roof metal available for these three and two other homes where we will reuse the existing roof structure, strap the roof and install metal roofing.

Further, we are looking for qualified shingle roofers; we have two roofs waiting at this point and six further homes on a wait list. MDS has not committed to do these jobs. But would like to help if qualified roofers are available.


If you have time this summer, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in Cape Breton as a roofer and framer. You are greatly needed!

To sign up, or for more information, contact Clara Flores and cflores@mds.org

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