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By Don and Rachel Horst

On May 9, we were invited to the Paradise Town Council meeting to receive a proclamation from Mayor Greg Bolin. Receiving a proclamation sounded rather official.   It called to mind things like presidents do for countries, like Abraham Lincolns 1863 Emancipation Proclamation or President Eisenhowers proclamation to admit Alaska to the Union.  What would a proclamation to MDS from the mayor of the Town of Paradise, California look like?

The Town Council meeting was called to order and roll was called.  It all felt very official.  As Mayor Bolin began the presentation, we werent sure what to expect.  Mayor Bolin had attended one of our MDS home dedications and spoke of being very pleased with MDS-built homes.  That appreciation came through in his pronouncement.   We often see how much families receiving new homes appreciate the many volunteers who served in Paradise.  It warmed our hearts to see that the citys governing body recognized the impact of MDSs presence and efforts as well.  Each and every day someone is impacted by our presence, our smiles, and our actions.  This extends from the families we help directly to the community as a whole.  The entire town appreciated MDSs help with their recovery and they were eager for us to know it.

Paradise is recovering from a devastating fire that swept through the town on November 8, 2018.  The work continues, although the Paradise MDS site is now closed.   We say a Big, Big Thank You” to everyone who joyfully served there!  Receive the words of this proclamation with joy and know you have been a part of blessing this community in ways we may never know.

Don and Rachel Horst have served as MDS project director and office manager.

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