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In September 2011, the most destructive wildfire in Texas history and one of the top most destructive wildfires in US history struck Bastrop County, Texas destroying almost 1700 homes, 38 businesses, 34,000 acres and it resulted in the loss of 2 lives. Since 2011, Bastrop County has endured 5 additional disasters with 4 floods, a tornado and another wildfire. MDS has participated in recovery efforts during these past 5 years.

In 2016, MDS volunteers continued its work  in the community helping to serve 40 homeowners throughout the year. Volunteers worked over 2,400 days on 16 clean ups, 20 home repairs, and 4 new builds.

Christine Files, Board President of the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team, spoke at the 2017 All-Unit meeting. She shared gratitude from many in her community, presented letters of appreciation and this video of appreciation.


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