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A photo of a food pantry worker handing box of food to a client.A photo of a food pantry worker handing box of food to a client.

Spirit of MDS Fund

When the pandemic struck, MDS Canada was forced to close its projects. But needs in Canada didn’t go away. If anything, they were increased for many by the disaster of COVID-19.

Although MDS couldn’t do its usual projects in Canada, local congregations were still active responding to their communities through programs that provide food, shelter and other services. So MDS Canada decided to support them in their efforts to serve others “in the spirit of MDS.”

From 2020-21, MDS Canada gave a total of 81 grants worth $206,900 to help congregations and other organizations respond to needs in their communities due to COVID-19.
Based on that experience, MDS Canada is now making the Spirit of MDS Fund part of its regular program.

About the Spirit of MDS Fund

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to congregations and can be used:

  • For construction or renovation projects to repair a community home;
  • To provide food or other needed resources for those in crisis;
  • For neighbourhood ministry projects;
  • Or for other creative ideas that fit with MDS Canada’s core values of faith in action and caring relationships.

MDS Canada is also available to provide assistance in leadership or volunteers for churches that want to do repair or construction projects, but need assistance in that area.

Funding will focus on Mennonite/Anabaptist churches and organizations, but can also be made available for other churches and church-related groups on a case-by-case basis.

Priority for funding will be given to applications where volunteers are mobilized to use the grants.

Click Here for an application form or calling 1-866-261-1274 for more information.

“Our goal at MDS Canada is to partner with local congregations as they seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities. They know where the needs are in their communities and how best to meet them. We can be a support to them, and together we can help people recover from disasters both big and small.”

Ross Penner, Director of Canadian Operations