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Three volunteers measuring pieces of wood.Three volunteers measuring pieces of wood.

What is a Leadership Volunteer?

Leadership Volunteers are responsible for the day to day operations of an MDS project. They work together with local community partners and homeowners, organize the work for the weekly volunteers, and ensure that all volunteers are well fed and cared for throughout their time on the project.

MDS Leadership Volunteers serve for 4 weeks or more on a project, providing continuity and a connection to the local community. Whether a Cook or Crew Leader, Project Director or Office Manager, Leadership Volunteers grow relationships with the local community and their fellow volunteers as MDS restores hope and partners in a community’s recovery.

MDS Leadership Volunteers are:

  • Christians and active participants in a church
  • Motivated to serve and guide Weekly Volunteers
  • Lead and work cooperatively with others
  • Work hard
  • Manage people, their work, and engage with community partners

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Application Process
  1. If you have never served on an MDS project, start here to apply for a week-long experience.
  2. Complete the Leadership Application (required).
  3. Interview and reference check (required).
  4. Attend leadership training and specific training for desired position(s). See below for training information.
  5. Shadow – spend one week learning from an experienced volunteer, as requested and available.
  6. Work with your Volunteer Coordinator to find a placement.
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Additional Information

More Information

Canadian residents: Rose Klassen at 866-261-1274 or through this form.

U.S. residents: Josh Carson at 800-241-8111 or through this form.

Leadership Trainings

MDS provides general MDS Leadership Training and training for specific MDS Leadership Volunteer roles.

In person trainings may be changed to online if the need arises. We will follow CDC guidelines for capacity and safety protocols.

For more information about MDS Leadership Trainings, contact Gabby Bomberger, Volunteer Training Specialist, at 717-735-3536 or by using this form.

General Leadership Training

December 4 - 6, 2023

Lititz, Pennsylvania

Construction Leaders Training

December 7 - 8, 2023

Lititz, Pennsylvania

Project Directors, Construction Supervisors, & Crew Leaders

Office Manager Training

December 7 - 8, 2023

Lititz, Pennsylvania