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General Leadership Training

June 10 - 12, 2024

Winnipeg, MB

This training is intended for current and prospective project leadership volunteers in all roles, as well as Unit, Region, and MDS Board Members.

This is a general training to learn more about project leadership with MDS. We will discuss a variety of topics, including project assessment, set-up and operations, leadership volunteer roles, team building, communication skills, and trauma awareness.

Training Schedule

Monday, June 10: 12pm – 6pm Central

Tuesday, June 11: 8:30am-6pm Central

Wednesday, June 12: 8:30am-6pm Central

Registration is closed for this event. 

MDS Project Leadership Trainings are designed for people who have made a commitment to serve with MDS in a leadership capacity. New leaders who have not yet served on a project are strongly encouraged to attend. Leaders who currently serve on projects and have not attended a training for 3 years or more are also highly encouraged to attend. Additionally, Unit, Region, and MDS Board members may benefit from one or more of these trainings.

If you have not yet completed a Leadership Application and are still discerning whether serving as a leadership volunteer is the right fit for you, we recommend that you attend an Introduction to MDS Leadership Volunteering Zoom call to learn more before registering for a leadership training. Introduction to MDS Leadership Volunteering Zoom call dates and registration links can be found on the Events Page.