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Crew Leader

The Crew Leader facilitates the day to day work of the Weekly Volunteers and works alongside the crew in construction on the job site.


  • Provide leadership for a crew of volunteers and facilitate their work on the job site.
  • Teach construction methods to Weekly Volunteers as needed.
  • Assure basic human needs are taken care of (breaks, lunch, facilities, etc.)
  • Drive Weekly Volunteers to the job site when needed, assuming responsibility of the MDS vehicle.
  • Ensure the first aid kit (including site address & emergency phone numbers) is on site at all times, even if the Crew Leader needs to leave. If the Crew Leader must leave the job site, make sure the first aid kit stays on the site, including site address and emergency phone numbers.
  • Ensure that Weekly Volunteers have the necessary safety gear for their work.
  • Enforce MDS Safety Guidelines.
  • Maintain a clean job site.
  • Report on-site accidents (even minor) and vehicle and equipment problems to the Project Director.
  • Coordinate with the Project Director/Construction Supervisor as to what work is to be done on the job site.
  • Compile lists of material, tool, and equipment needs to the Project Director/Construction Supervisor, both for the present and for future needs.
  • Ensure sufficient tools for the day are on the job site.
  • Oversee work on the job site to meet the required construction standards.
  • Return tools to the tool trailer in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Facilitate and encourage dialogue with the volunteers, homeowner, and community.
  • Model sensitivity to the cultural and religious diversity of volunteers, homeowners and community.
  • Submit all invoices and receipts to the Office Manager daily.
  • Keep track of the number of volunteers on their job site, their hours of work, give a general description of the work, and submit Daily Volunteer Reports to the Office Manager each day.
  • Ensure that vehicles are checked, fueled, and cleaned at the end of the week.
  • Work collaboratively with other Leadership Volunteers by contributing to the needs of the project outside of time spent on the job site.
  • Assist with other tasks, as requested (eg. cleaning, running errands, etc.)

More Information

  • Must be a Christian and active participant in a church
  • Proven Christian servant leadership skills
  • Construction experience preferred; and a willingness to learn
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Enjoy working with and motivating volunteers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to empower and encourage others
  • Flexibility, patience, a positive attitude, and a sense of humor
  • Team player and team builder
  • Safe driving record