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Construction Supervisor

The Construction Supervisor partners with the Project Director in supervising the day- to-day construction needs of the project.


  • Together with Project Director select and provide leadership to Crew Leaders.
  • Meet with Crew Leaders to schedule activities, assign volunteers, assign vehicles and determine equipment and material needs.
  • Work with Crew Leaders to ensure that Weekly Volunteers have the skills to complete construction tasks, teaching them when necessary.
  • Model and enforce on-the-job safety.
  • Work with the Project Director and Crew Leaders to ensure safety on the job site through weekly orientation and daily site supervision.
  • Visit all job sites regularly and ensure that the work meets MDS standards and complies with required building codes.
  • Schedule sub-contractors and inspectors.
  • Ensure that materials and supplies arrive on the job site in a timely manner.
  • Submit all invoices and receipts to the Office Manager daily.
  • Ensure that vehicles are checked, fueled, and cleaned at the end of the week.
  • Make sure the tools and machines are clean, in safe working order, and stored in an organized fashion.
  • Assure that emergency procedures are available, understood and followed by all Crew Leaders.
  • Model humility, modesty and servanthood.
  • Model sensitivity to cultural and religious diversity of volunteers, homeowners and community.
  • Assist with other tasks, as requested (eg. cleaning, running errands, etc.)

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