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Church Contact Person

Mennonite Disaster Service encourages congregations to appoint a Church Contact Person to connect their church to people in need after a disaster and inspire volunteer service. A relational contact within a congregation can help elevate the mission of MDS in the church community.

If there are needs or a disaster in your community and your church would like to respond, a Church Contact Person can get in touch with Mennonite Disaster Service about a potential response.

Throughout the year, MDS needs volunteers to repair and rebuild after disaster across the U.S. and Canada. A Church Contact Person receives correspondence from MDS about volunteer needs and encourages members of the church to serve.

Learn more about the CCP role in this introductory guide

Ask your church leadership if your congregation has appointed a Church Contact Person for MDS. If not, and you are interested in serving in this role, fill out this form or call 717-735-3536.

Church Contact Person Information Changes

Use the form below if you are a current Church Contact Person and you need to update your mailing address, phone number or email address.

You can also use this form to indicate a new Church Contact Person and/or remove a person from our Church Contact Person list.

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