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Yearlong Volunteer Program

The MDS Yearlong Volunteer Program provides a service opportunity for volunteers to enhance their leadership skills and to help bring people home after disasters.

 Program Highlights:

  • Volunteers serve with a cohort of other volunteers from August – July at various MDS projects across the U.S.
  • Volunteers build meaningful relationships with disaster survivors and other volunteers as they serve.
  • Volunteers experience multiple cultures and communities across the U.S.
  • Volunteers will develop critical skills in leadership, flexibility, and the ability to collaborate with others to plan and manage projects. After a period of gaining experience, volunteers will serve as an MDS Leadership Volunteer – as a Crew Leader, Office Manager, or Cook. These skills and experiences will help prepare volunteers for future vocational, service, and ministry opportunities.
  • MDS provides training, food, lodging, travel expenses, tools, meaningful work, and support for the entire year, along with regular breaks for rest and self-care.
  • Applicants must complete an application process that includes an application, interview, references, and background check.
  • Applicants must be a Christian, an active participant in a church, and at least 18 years old.

For more information or to apply, click the link below or contact the MDS office in your country. 

Applications are due by June 15 each year for the August – July cohort.

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Cody Hurst, volunteer for PA, holds a door frame for trimming by a volunteer from Eastern Europe.

“I want to spend a year of my life for God. He led me to MDS, so here I am, helping people to get a better life, to rebuild homes.”

— Marco Tissen, 20, of Minden, Germany
2018-2019 Yearlong Volunteer