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Disaster Date:11/15/2021

Princeton, B.C.


What Happened

In mid-November 2021, a series of floods impacted multiple regions of B.C. In Princeton, the flooding lead to nearly 300 homes placed under evacuation order and flooded. MDS Canada was able to respond quickly and began a clean up response in early December.

Volunteer in Princeton, B.C.

What MDS Is Doing

MDS Canada has now moved into the repair phase in Princeton. We are looking for volunteers who are able to come and serve a week at a time; you can sign up for multiple weeks if you are able. As of May 5 our significant volunteer needs are for weekly volunteers the weeks of May 15, May 22, and May 29. The work these weeks will be cabinet installation, baseboards, trim, flooring, painting and cleaning. We need volunteers with these skills to help lead the work, and those willing to learn, so volunteers with all skills sets are welcome to sign up.


Princeton is located in the Similkameen region of southern B.C., at the convergence of the Tulameen and Similkameen rivers. The town’s population is just under 3,000. MDS has been graciously hosted by Rockridge Canyon Camp, which will continue until May 14. As of May 15, MDS volunteers will be staying at a house just outside of Princeton, 10 minutes from many of the jobsites. Accommodations at the house include both private and shared rooms and MDS will provide meals for volunteers.

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