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New build in McAllen TXNew build in McAllen TX

Disaster Date:06/18/2018

McAllen, TX – RV


What Happened

In June 2018, a sudden severe storm dumped heavy rains on the mesas north of McAllen, TX, and swept into the tributaries to the Rio Grande River. This freak storm created flooding where not typically expected, as the affected homes were not in a typical flood plain.

Volunteer in McAllen, TX – RV

What MDS Is Doing

In the fall of 2022, MDS volunteers will begin construction of a number of new homes in response to the flooding events. RV project volunteers will finish the homes begun in the fall.


The Rio Grande Valley is located in the southernmost tip of Texas on the northern bank of the Rio Grande River, which separates Mexico from the United States. This region’s population is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Two popular tourist destinations in the Rio Grande Valley are Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and the Port Isabel Lighthouse.

Weekly Reports

McAllen, TX – RV – March 5-11, 2023

We had another very productive week with our new volunteers. It still has been hotter than usual here in southeast Texas, so the locals tell us, as the temperatures were in the 90’s all week.  The volunteers have been taking a lot of water breaks...

McAllen, TX – RV – Feb. 26 – Mar. 4, 2023

We had a very productive week down here in HOT southern Texas! First of all, because the temperatures were in the 90’s we had the AC Company come out and install the air conditioner units (mini-splits) in #15 Citation Dr., the house we finished...

McAllen, TX – RV – Feb. 12-18, 2023

Monday morning, Fred and Lynn drove to LaPosada in San Benito to pick up cabinets for the four houses in Edinburg.  These cabinets were made in the Kansas MDS cabinet shop and delivered last week to South Texas.  On Tuesday, Lynn and Peter began...

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