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Hurley, VA damage after august 2021 folding wen through the areaHurley, VA damage after august 2021 folding wen through the area

Disaster Date:08/31/2021

Hurley, VA


What Happened

On August 31, 2021, a flash flood of over 6 inches of rain created mudslides and flooding that destroyed 60 houses and damaged 200 other houses in the Guesses Fork area of Buchanan County. Over 15 bridges were washed away along a 5-mile stretch of the creek between two mountains.

Volunteer in Hurley, VA

What MDS Is Doing

MDS will partner with the Long-Term Recovery Committee with the lead organization being the United Way of Southwest Virginia.

MDS volunteers will be assisting in several new rebuilds of homes and building bridges.


Hurley is located in Buchanan County Virginia. Buchanan County is the far western Virginia county and borders both West Virginia and Kentucky. The county is part of the Southwest Virginia region and lies in the rugged Appalachian Plateau portion of the Appalachian Mountain. The population in Hurley is around 2,500 people.