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Disaster Date:05/24/2023



What Happened

Typhoon Mawar made landfall on Guam as a Category 4-equivalent Super Typhoon on May 24, 2023, bringing hurricane force winds and heavy rain, becoming the strongest storm to affect the island since 2002.

What MDS Is Doing

Volunteers will be repairing homes to make them safe, sanitary and functional. The repairs will be limited in scope per client and may include metal roofing, windows, doors, plumbing and electrical. 

Volunteers must serve a minimum of 2 weeks and be in good physical health due to long travel distance and warm and humid weather conditions. 


Guam has a population of approximately 168,000 residents and is located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is the largest island of the Mariana Islands, and is a territory of the United States. Guam has a tropical climate, with an average high temperature of 87 °F/30° C in October and November. Tourism is a major industry in Guam as well as support and services related to the multiple US military installations on the island.

Weekly Reports

Guam, Oct. 22-28, 2023

Work was completed on the Everitt home this week. The final inspection passed and a completed job card was signed. Two different work teams interacted with Candy. She consistently provided snacks and an occasional meal to express her gratitude. Most...

Guam – Oct. 15-21, 2023

Seven new volunteers arrived on Sunday night from Oregon, Virginia and Pennsylvania. They will be here for the next two weeks. After the required FEMA orientation on Monday morning, they headed to Candy and Orin Everitt’s house to continue the roof...

Guam – Oct. 8-14, 2023

Week two found the Guam volunteers watching Typhoon Bolaven threaten the island instead of working on our project. We worked Monday morning and then had to wait until Friday to continue. Thankfully the eye of the storm passed by about 30 miles north...

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