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Disaster Date:11/15/2021

Fraser Valley, B.C.


What Happened

In a single week in mid-November 2021, torrential rain caused a series of floods and mudslides in multiple parts of B.C. In the Fraser Valley the flooding damage to farmland and surrounding towns and cities is estimated to exceed $1-billion. The flood waters completely closed down the Trans-Canada Highway, severing the main connection between the Lower Mainland and the rest of the country. Nearly 20,000 people were forced to abandon their homes due to the flooding and subsequent mudslides.

Volunteer in Fraser Valley, B.C.

What MDS Is Doing

MDS is helping six families in Sumas Prairie rebuild their homes. That includes structural repairs, insulation, dry wall, priming/painting, and finishing work.


The Fraser Valley is located 70 kilometres east of Vancouver and alongside the U.S. border. Main cities are Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

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